PCU-CAMEL (Petra Christian University Computer Assisted Mechanical Engineering Department Learning Environment) is a web-based learning environment to support the traditional face-to-face teaching learning process in the Mechanical Engineering Department. The purpose of this environment is to enrich the teaching and learning experiences as well as providing wider access to learning resources. Only Petra Christian University academic community are eligible to join PCU-CAMEL, both as instructors as well as students. Each New user must sign up using Petra Christian University official email account to be able register to PCU-CAMEL.

Features and Facilities

Approved PCU-CAMEL users are entitled to get accesses to any facilities provided in the User area as well as Course area.

User Area
An individual customized space for each instructor and student is provided in this learning environment to allow flexibility and personalization. This customization allows both instructors and the students to integrate the intra with the extra-curricular activities and gives flexible opportunities for Users to choose preferred way of knowledge gathering and sharing.

This concept of customization is reflected in the USER AREA with some features such as Personal File Storage and Sharing, sharing Favorite Links, Schedule of class activities integrated with personal extra curricular activities, Diary, Reminder, types of News you would like to subscribe. The personalized space also includes an exposure to the Profiles of instructors and students within each course, with links to their individual Electronic Portfolios. Those exposures allow Users to get to know more of each other. A Personal communication tool is also provided to allow e-mail communication among users within this PCU-CAMEL community.

PCU-CAMEL also accommodates the assignment of different roles for each user depending on the permission granted by the administrator. Each user can be an instructor as well as a student at the same time.

Course Area
The features on the course area are designed around class as well as out of class activities.

The COURSE AREA for instructors are also designed with flexibility and personalization for instructors on designing Course and Instructor’s Information and Lesson plans; selecting Preferred Colors for their teaching environment; providing Course News and Faq; uploading Class materials; Assignment/Project including online Collectors; Managing users to join the class or grouping the users as members of each class-project team; Managing Online Quizzes and grades, Giving Private Messages to any member of the class; facilitating Online Discussion among members of the class; as well as facilitating Learner Expectation and Class Reflection to allow students to exercise reflective self-evaluation and critical thinking capabilities of the students. SCORM conformed course material is also provided to give rooms for imported, shareable and re-useable materials from guest lecturers or from future collaborative teaching with other institutions.

While the COURSE AREA for students allows students to get access to the above course features designed by instructors. There are other additional features such as: the List of Class Members; The list of Projects; Spaces for collaborative works among them. A facility is also provided to allow students to upload their assignments/projects.

TPSDP Technological & Professional Skill Development Sector Project
Mechanical Engineering Study Program - Petra Christian University
Funded By: Proyek Pelita